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Mehendi Instructions and Beauty Guidelines :

Mehendi Care Instructions

Beauty Guidelines

Deena specially selects the Mehendi powder made from the best mehendi plants grown in India. Mehendi Paste is made of herbal products and has no side-effect. If you follow these instructions then your colour will be dark and burgundy on your palm, brown or caramel on the wrist and back of your hands. The colour turns dark when the person has more heat in the body.

1. Before Mehendi application

  • Manicure / Pedicure / Waxing / Shaving should be done before Mehendi application.

  • Haldi (Turmeric ) ceremony should be done before Mehendi application. Haldi acts as an exfoliant, so when it is scrubbed on Mehendi, the colour turns lighter.

2. After Mehendi application

  • Lightly dab lemon and sugar mixture with cotton ball on mehendi after it dries.

  • Leave the mehendi on your hands for 8 hours from application.

  • Please do not wear gloves or Plastic bags or surround wraps while your mehendi is still on your hands as this will create moisture and the mehendi will get smudged .

  • Scrape the mehendi after 8 hours with a blunt part of butter knife.

  • Rub some Clove / Eucalyptus oil or Vicks Vaporub on your hands after scraping the mehendi.

  • Put 20-25 cloves on a heated pan and take the heat from far on your hands for 5-10 minutes.

  • Don’t put your hands in water after scraping the mehendi for another 24 – 48 hours, until the colour turns darker. You can wear gloves only after scraping the mehendi if you need to put your hands in water.

  • Mehendi colour will gradually progress from Orange to Burgundy in about 24 – 48 hours.

1. Beauty Guidelines for your wedding Day

  • Have your Eye Brows shaped.

  • Remove excess Facial Hair.

  • Get a Facial done for a glow on your Face.

  • Wash your Hair a Day before and Avoid using conditioner and Blow dry the Hair Straight.

  • Your Face should be Makeup Free on the Wedding Day

  • Moisturize your Face and Neck.

  • Apply Vaseline on your Lips.

  • Always wear a Button down Shirt.

2. Make Up Trial

  • Give some thought about what you want before you go. And bring Pictures of any particular Makeup / Hairstyle you’ve liked.

  • Bring the outfit to be worn on the Wedding or Reception Day. Preferably get the jewellery to be worn with it.

  • And get a digital camera to take pictures of the trial hair and makeup.

Please keep in mind that most women you see in magazines have hair extensions or hair pieces to give them that full look. Just in case you don’t have the amount of hair needed to do the style you have chosen, come with a few different ideas.